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Hollow Plate Ultrasound Welding Machine

Detailed introduction

Model: ACZKB-1526/ACZKB-1532

Frequency: 15KHZ

Voltage: 220V

Output power: 2600W-3200W

Appearance size: 1500*1200*2200mm

Weight: 360KG

Ultrasound welding machine for hollow plate turnover box adopts humanized design to facilitate staff to stand up and operate, and can be completed with foot switch to grasp the welding points; under the machine is a Tianzi frame, which supports the frame firmly.

Machine features:

1. Series transducer, imported cylinder, strong power, good stability.

2. Fuselage anti-backing plus coaxial direct pressure design, pressure balancing, improve welding precision.

3.2600W super power output, suitable for plastic turnover box welding, welding effect is good.

4. Major electrical components, high-quality imported parts assembly.

5. Vibrating plate and crystal plate are imported from Taiwan.

6. Alloy layer welding die, not easy to wear and tear, durable.

7. Unique horizontal screw design makes the die easy to debug.

8. Welding limit system, the workpiece will not spill glue after welding.

Working characteristics:

Fast: 0.01-9.99 seconds per welding.

Strength: It can withstand large tension and high pressure.

Quality: No leakage, no leakage, airtight welding, welding plastic parts do not hurt.

Economy: No screw, no glue. Reduce labor and low cost.


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