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Ultrasonic spot welding machine

Detailed introduction

Model: ACDHJ-2850, ACDHJ-3580, ACDHJ-2010

Frequency: 28KHz, 35KHz, 20KHz

Power: 500W, 800W, 1000W

Welding time: 0.01-9.99sec

Vibration method: self-excitation

Outline dimensions: 300*350*150, 150*300*400, 450*550*150

Welding area: 5mm, 8mm, 12mm

Main functions:

1. Ultrasound spot welding machine is applied to riveting, cutting, sewing and welding edge of plastic products.

2. Hand-held handle, lightweight fuselage, easy to move.

Main features:

1. Spot welding machine has simple and compact structure, no need of air source and easy to use.

2. Equipped with advanced KD2-160A microcomputer welding controller, welding time and welding current can be continuously and accurately adjusted.

3. The main circuit adopts contactless thyristor switch, which is durable, reliable in quality and stable in current output.

4. Output cables can be equipped with 150 square rubber cables or with water-permeable non-inductive cables.

5. Spot welding machine can be equipped with various manual welding torches, welding pliers, or pneumatic welding pliers.


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