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Full Servo Hot Plate Welder

Detailed introduction

Main functions:
1. Servo Hot Plate Welder: SSH Series
2. The welding precision of this equipment is very high. It is driven by precise servo system.
Its accuracy can be controlled at 0.01 mm without mechanical limit and straight.
The welding effect can be achieved by using its own running precision, which is suitable for welding.
Customers with high product precision requirements!
3. Welding temperature, heating time, cooling time, welding depth
The parameters of degree, pressure and transfer time can be adjusted.
4. According to the requirements of welding procedure, semi-automatic or full-automatic can be selected.
Motion mode.
5. Welding procedures can be adjusted to meet the needs of various materials.
6. Equipment suitable for product can be customized according to customer requirements.
Specification parameters:
Model ACSF-6400
Shape size L1070mm*W1180mm*H2100mm
Weight about 1.5T
Full Servo Drive in Driving Mode
Suitable for lamp, water tank, water hydrant of washing machine, storage battery, steam iron, etc.


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